This listing is for the "PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY" flash design to be embroidered onto a garment of your own. Here are the steps:

 1.) Place order here for this service.  This first round is only open to people who can arrange for their garment to be delivered in person to our Williamsburg studio by 5PM on Thursday, November 21. 

Drop off will be available at the following times:

Sunday, November 17th from 12PM-5PM

Monday, November 18th from 11AM -7PM

Tuesday, November 19th from 11AM-7PM

Wednesday, November 20th from 11AM- 7PM

Thursday, November 21st from 11AM-7PM

 2.) You will receive an email with instructions on how to get us your garment, and what we need on your end (ie: desired placement of logo, etc). This round is only for T-SHIRTS and SWEATSHIRTS/HOODIES. No jackets, jeans, rib tanks, bags, hats, etc. We will of course handle your items with care and caution, but please do not provide anything to us that has immense financial or sentimental value to you.

3.) Orders will be completed the week of December 2nd. At checkout, you may choose to have your order SHIPPED back to you or LOCAL PICKUP at the same WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn location as drop off. Please only choose local pickup if you think you will reasonably be able to arrange pickup between the hours of 11AM-7PM, Monday-Friday, before Friday, December 13th.

This price includes a $5 donation to the Black Trans Travel Fund, which is a mutual-aid project that pays for Black trans women’s rides to get to/from destinations safely & free of harassment.

Embroidery will be done by ARENA EMBROIDERY in Brooklyn, NYC.